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on this forum i ask not a lot of you, just keep what you say clean and nice...
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wind charmer

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PostSubject: Charachters...   Sun 21 May 12:20

Special Charachters
Name: ????? [the little girl]
age: 5
element: ice
ability: hexen control
weapon: kiezer spellbook
the four spirit guides
Name: Kenn
age: 13
element: fire
abiltiy: mind reading
weapon: light flail

Name: Karie
age: 21
element: psycic
abitlty: telekenesses, and the ability to detect when ????? is in danger
weapon: ESP

Name: Jon
age: 10
element: time
ability: temporarily freeze people in time
weapon: golden hourglass

Name: Kenrie
age: ?
element: wind
ability: ?
weapon: ?

Name: Townsman
HP: 21
description: usually nice, but if you steal from him he'll fight

Name: Townswoman
HP: 21
description: same as Townsman

HP: doesn't fight
description: sells weapons and items and such

at random points in the game i will add bosses, you can't see their description or HP, so thier not in here
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